Sustainable Killearn

Sustainable Killearn is based on two ideas:

  1. Almost all of us live in an unsustainable way. We buy too much, consume too much, waste too much. Our planet cannot sustain the rate at which we use its resources.
  2. We all have the power to change; small steps can make a big difference – if enough of us take them. The sooner we start, and the more of us who start, the bigger that difference will be.

There is no planet ’B‘

So where to start – The size of the problem and the range of potential solutions can make it all a bit confusing or scary.  That’s where these pages site can help. We have divided Sustainability into six separate areas of activity. Food, Ecological, Wellbeing, Energy, Travel, and Resource. Each theme has its own challenges and its own solutions. 

As we explore each area we will start off with the big picture perspective; what is happening globally or across the UK. (Think Global) We then highlight some of the local initiatives that are already happening in and around Killearn (Act Local). Finally we look at changes you can make in your own lives. (Act Now).

Researching for this site has been a roller-coaster. Horror at some of the harm people are still causing the planet. Inspiration at the way other people are fighting back. Hopefully you will share some of those emotions as you explore the site. Where possible we have including links to help you find out more. 

We would love to hear back from you. Are there local good news stories that we should include or tips we can share? Are you are able to get involved? We have more good ideas for change than we have volunteers to make them happen. Are you willing to make that difference? Use the contact details at the foot of the page to get in touch. 

Its time to switch from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.

  • 60% of food waste in the UK is generated in the home, 18 million tonnes of CO2 are generated by waste food and drink
  • 310k tonnes of drink poured down the drain each year in the UK, value of £1.8 billion pounds
  • 25.9% of Scotland's greenhouse emissions come from transport
  • 1/4 of Scotland’s carbon emissions are generated by how we heat our homes and workplaces
  • Swapping just 40% of car journeys under three miles to active travel would have reduced 2019 carbon emissions from cars by nearly 10%
  • If every journey under three miles in Scotland in 2019 was made by active travel, this would save around a quarter (23-28%) of carbon emissions from cars